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First hatched in Australia by Affirmations Publishing House and author Kate Knapp. Parades of curious creatures spring from Kate’s heart and hand in the Twigseeds studio. Some are shy and timid, needing a little encouragement and a biscuit or three. While other, more flamboyant types, are thrilled to their twinkling toes with the attention. With wide eyes and smiling beaks, twitching whiskers and wagging tails, they take their sunny stories to the world. Twigseeds is famous for its colorful characters that shine brightly in Greeting Cards, Little Affirmations, Tiny Treasures, Diaries, Calendars and Books they inhabit and the unique, perspective, they share. Featuring wonderful, positive, unforgettable, quirky, heartfelt, happy, loving and meaningful messages, the Twigseeds range offers the perfect gift for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, get well, sympathy, have a great holiday, welcome home, love, friendship, thinking of you, good luck, celebrations, laugh, be happiness, and thank you. Brighten someone’s day today with a product.