Dear Affirmations

While browsing through the shelves at a shop on the Gold Coast I found a most beautiful book: “Cést la vie”, an inspiring collective of France. The purpose of this message is just to thank you sincerely for compiling this wonderful journey through France. I recognised some of the photos as being the Dordogne Valley and the distinct style of its homes. This is where I lost my heart in 2006 to a beautiful medieval town called Sarlat. I sat paging and reading with tears freely running down my face because I feel such deep joy at any connection with that country and your quotes and pictures transported me ‘home’.


Hi Affirmations

Thank you for taking my order over the phone and posting these cards. They are beautiful. We love Kate’s book, and really enjoy her illustrations, so it is lovely to have some of her delightful and inspiring cards.

I look forward to buying more of your products in the future. Many thanks.

Elise Ellerman 

Hi Suzi

I have just bought some Twigseeds cards – what a beautiful range! More great things coming out of Bellingen. Trust all goes well with you.


Dear Affirmations

The beautiful copies of your ‘SISTERS’ book just arrived here in New York, and they are spectacular!!! The photographs are wonderful, and the colour and design so rich and lovely. I feel honored to be included in your book, and I wish you great success with it.

Thank you for your generosity in sending me 4 copies. I’m posting one to my parents today, and I know they will be thrilled to see it.

All my best,
Barbara Alpert (author of three quotations in Sisters)


I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all of you for producing such a fantastic product. We love it! it is always such a pleasure to unwrap. Thank you also for the free gift. it’s nice to see some things in the flesh. Catch up with you at the Sydney Trade Fair. Have an awesome year!

Cheers, Ann, Gayle and Peta, the Greenhouse Gals

Hi Affirmations

Thank you for processing my order. I just LOVE your website and products you offer.

I’m using your gifts as “small token” gestures to special clients of mine…..they’re great…

Kind regards
Carol Kendall, Creative Writer

Hello Affirmations!

I went over to my girlfriend’s for a bath last night…and we both sat there ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhhing’ and carrying on like old biddies about the new cards.

They are ridiculously gorgeous and I’ve four to post today!

Thanks! Bek

Just a little hello…

…to let you know that my boss’s mother died, and one of our collegues gave her the Little Book ‘Eternity’…We all just love it, and the illustrations are so beautiful…I have just bought my copy today, it is such a beautiful little book…

Kind regards


Greetings from Texas!

My brother and sister in-law live in Byron Bay. They sent me the ‘Divine Guidance’ inspirational cards as a Christmas present. So I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying them. The words are uplifting and ‘right on’!

Thanks for your labor of love! 😉

Armi Sandin
Arlington, TX

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