Affirmations Publishing House is a vibrant, young-at-heart company which is passionate about positivity. Our enduring mission: to share uplifting messages of hope, love, inspiration, enlightenment, fun, discovery and positivity around the globe.


As it often does, big change comes from a journey of discovery. In 1987, we travelled throughout Australia and along the way wanted to update friends and family on our travels, pass on birthday greetings and celebrate special occasions. We could not find a collection of cards anywhere that were creative, special, succinct and most importantly, positive in the messages they conveyed. This became our light globe moment. We realised this was something we could create together, from anywhere in the world. The idea for the Affirmations Publishing House was born. In August 1988, we launched our first range of 24 cards, designed on our Sydney dining room table.


In August 2016, Affirmations Publishing House is celebrating its 28th year in business.

In 2008, in honour of our enduring love of all things New Zealand, we opened the office in Birkenhead, Auckland. Since then we’ve spread our wings across the North and South islands and increased our offering to include Books, Little Affirmations, Calendars, Diaries, Bookmarks, Gift Tags and Toys. Each year, thousands of inspiring messages, flow out from us to New Zealanders and in doing so, provide a source of optimism and hope to the lives of us all.


In 1990, we chose to live and work in a charismatic, enchanting country town called Bellingen, situated on the Mid North Coast of Eastern Australia. From the arts to music, food to architecture, the Bellinger Valley houses some of the most colourful and eclectic communities and events in New South Wales.

This picturesque setting is the ideal environment for Affirmations Publishing House to radiate. For most of our company’s life, our office has been a beautiful art deco building, built in 1930, in the main street of town. It is from this creative haven that our passion has truly come to life.

Our hearts have been passionately poured into our growing venture since the very start. We have created a unique range of products that truly make a difference to people’s lives. All our products are designed to motivate, enrich and enlighten. We believe passing inspirational messages from one person to another creates a positive shift in values, making a better world for us all. That is our dream.


If sharing positivity is our mission, sustainability has always been our mantra. We are passionate about creating an ecologically sound business. At our warehouse we recycle everything that comes in. All our power comes from renewable energy sources. We print on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks, shred all paper for packaging and use environmentally sound packing beads when we send your orders. Our office is powered by solar panels, reducing our carbon footprint outstandingly. And we are not stopping there. Each year brings new environmentally sustainable ideas that we are committed to integrating into our business model.


We are here to help you achieve a more positive life, enrich your spirit and add sparkle to your world. We hope that the people who receive our products are uplifted by their experience.

Being surrounded by the gentle affirmations in our products each day, help all of us at Affirmations Publishing House to feel good on the inside. Affirming ourselves reminds us to think positively, to embrace our life journey, improve the quality of our lives and free up vitality for things that matter the most.

Affirmations Publishing House is all about making a difference in how business operates. We provide secure, stable and meaningful employment for our staff here in New Zealand. We invite people to a world that delivers an environment in which they can participate, have fun and create. We want to make it engaging and strive for a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone.

You will be positively delighted when you deal with Affirmations.
– Suzi, Dan and all of us at Affirmations.