We’re Defamations, and we are about to light up your lives and prove that homegrown Aussie and Kiwi naughtiness is the funniest.

We love a laugh. We love a little bit of innuendo. We love that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re hoping you’re the same!

Everything You Need, All In One Place…

In alignment with our commitment to the environment, Defamations have decided to move away from printing large catalogues twice a year.

In its place, we bring you our New Releases brochure, featuring a quick-look at all the new products coming out.

Plus, we’ve set up this brand new landing page on the Affirmations website as a one-stop-shop for all the information you would have usually found in our printed catalogues.

Simply scroll through this page at your leisure, or jump to a section using the links above.

New Releases Brochure

Offensive To Some, Hysterical For The Rest Of Us


Here’s a little taste of Defamations. Read more below the image for links to buy/browse the full range and new releases


Think of Defamations as the hidden little secret section of the website.

To see and order any of the products at wholesale prices, you will need to create an account and request to have the Defamations section activated. We do this so that anyone that doesn’t like rude words doesn’t have to see them. (Aren’t we so considerate?)

If you just want to do some window shopping before you commit, you can view the range on the Defamations retail website: defamations.com.au


Already a stockist of Defamations or looking to become one?

The links to the right contain all the info you’ll need; from applications, pricing lists, trading terms and Sales Representative contact information.

In addition to being able to order amazing products, all our stockists get added to our stockist store locator for customers to find you, plus we have specials available on selected products and ranges throughout the year.

We value all our stockists and want to look after you. Because of this, we have a distance/range policy, where two stockists within a certain distance cannot stock the same items so that there is no direct competition between them.

We have a dedicated team of Sales Representatives New Zealand-wide in addition to our Team at Affirmations New Zealand HQ always available to answer questions, take orders and help you out.

Looking for the Affirmations landing page? Go here